Poster 16th-21th Century

I exhibited a series of five still life installations created specifically during a six week residency at Work In Progress at Roodkapje, Rotterdam 2011. The exhibition focused on analyzing the traditions of flower arranging of 16th century flower still lives to the present day.

The archive was documented weekly by Antje Peters, referring to the medium
as part of the picture, working with analogue techniques and different
light setting in the studio for every photograph. The various light
settings refer to various moments in time which become unique in the final

The series of photographs were then starting point to create
this information graphic showing the meaning of iconographic flowers
related to the different times. The marble pattern in the backround was
originally custom and handmade for this project.

A collaboration between Denise Collignon and Antje Peters,

Design: VosBrenner, size 100x70cm, numbered, edition 250.

€ 10,00

€ 8,25  packing and shipping


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