Processus Mutationis at De Witte Slagerij

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During the project called Processus Mutationis  – September 1st until 22nd, 2013-  Aniek Meeldijk and Denise Collignon exhibit and experiment in ‘De witte slagerij’.

After a period of experimentation, Aniek Meeldijk developed  glazes which enveloped the design objects, vases. This led to the ‘Dip and Dye’ series (2011). Aniek allowed the vase to decorate itself. As the ceramic material of the vase was very porous, the vase completely absorbed the liquid glaze.

The ‘Dip and Dye’ vases blended perfectly with the work of Denise Collignon. As a designer she uses the characteristics of material as a starting point. Working with plants and flowers means working with material that constantly changes. The material has tremendous strength and the special characteristic to fade away, properties that take an important role in Denise‘s work.

The work at ‘De Witte Slagerij’ is presented as a process in which experimentation and research are a vital part of creation. Limits of perfection and imperfection seem to fade to flow into each other. The room was decorated with vases and flowers that both undergo the experiment. During the working period, Aniek and Denise responded to the change of materials and experimented with the working environment and exhibition space. Aniek Meeldijk and Denise Collignon presented an exciting combination of work in which the organic material reinforced the design objects and vice versa.

In December weekends are open to visitors. There are workshops for adults and children, focusing on professional expertise.

During the final presentation (finissage) the results of the research period are presented.

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