Residence at Vincent van Goghhuis Zundert | 2014

‘La Bataille des fleurs’

In September Denise Collignon stayed as Artist in Residence in Zundert. She was invited by Het Vincent van Goghhuis to do a residence inspired by Van Gogh and the famous flower parade. During this period, the whole village works very hard preparing the famous flower parade, Zundert. Denise also went along in this process. For nine days the helped village district Tiggelaar with Atlas 2.0 and found a kind of second home.

The stress-free environment and the togetherness, despite a hard deadline for the ride with the procession on Sunday , she experienced as a revelation.

All impressions from this short intense period were processed by Collignon and rapidly transformed into ideas to use in her work. She learned real ‘corso’ techniques such as welding, bonding and cutting styrofoam in order to apply this in her own work.

The small trees that were on the back of Atlas 2.0 were interesting an in need of further research. The balance between natural and artificial is something that always present in her work. The contradictions in the raw material (the welded construction with styrofoam and paper mache) and natural materials (seeds, potatoes and vegetables) give nice tensions. What happens to the seeds when they are wet? What is the durability of an object covered with seeds?

In the period following Denise reflects on the work period.  She gathered flowers, arranged, photographed and rearranged the items of the float. The flowers were sprayed, painted and dipped into copper. Collignon was looking for a way to preserve the dahlia in an appropriate way.

During the last days of the construction period  Denise could take some small trees that would have no place on the float. Just before the demolition a number of parts of th float were taken: more trees, houses and even the church could be spared. These ‘rescued objects’ form the basis for the work-in-progress exhibition (5-31 october)

Interesting questions arise: Are existing parts of a corsofloat in a gallery presented by an artist suddenly worth more? Is this high or low art? Can you let yourself be led as an artist by the sentiment that comes into play when you are involved in building a corsofloat?
Collignon does not want to show off with the work of others, but on the contrary brings a tribute to ATLAS 2.0, to the many man-hours and the love for this event.

The exhibition is a frozen stage in the research process. Denise will take the knowledge and continue development. The possible outcome of this project will be presented during next year’s parade.

supported by Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam








The making of Atlas 2.0, buurtschap Tiggelaar (designed by Eefje Wagtmans-Goos, Johan van Trijp en Marc van Beek)

DeniseCollignonatlas2.0_1 DeniseCollignonatlas2.0_2 DeniseCollignonatlas2.0_3



























































Atlas 2.0 ‘being born’ (that’s how it’s called in corso language) at 6.30 in the morning

Atlas 2.0_DeniseCollignon






















Atlas 2.0 at the Flower parade

Atlas 2.0-02_DeniseCollignon

















September 9th (demolishing day)

Atlas 2.0-03_DeniseCollignon Atlas 2.0-04_DeniseCollignon

































Making new work! Building an celebrating at/with Tiggelaar was very exciting and inspiring now it’s time to make some new work!

Atlas 2.0-05_DeniseCollignon Atlas 2.0-06_DeniseCollignon Atlas 2.0-07_DeniseCollignon
















































This exhibition is a frozen stage in the research process visible from 5 until 31 october 2014


Denise_Collignon_LaBATdeFLEUR01Denise_Collignon_LaBATdeFLEUR07 Denise_Collignon_LaBATdeFLEUR03 Denise_Collignon_LaBATdeFLEUR04 Denise_Collignon_LaBATdeFLEUR05 Denise_Collignon_LaBATdeFLEUR06












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