Memento Mori | 2015

For modern man getting of old age seems difficult to accept. With artificial interventions we try to stay  young forever. Do we accept the death? Memento Mori! The artists in the exhibition show transiency and death, making efforts to preserve life or look beyond the boundary of death.

For work still life as archive – Memento Mori  at gallery Hommes  I  research the transience of life. By preserving the flowers with natural ruber I refer to elderly people, I gave the flowers a skin which makes reference to our own aging skin.

NRC Sandra Smets_20150212_1_022_article

Denise_Collignon_Galerie_Hommes_01 Denise_Collignon_Galerie_Hommes_02 Denise_Collignon_Galerie_Hommes_03 Denise_Collignon_Galerie_Hommes_04

NIO Basement | 2016
Lounge Life Summer 2013
Publication in the magazine Groenonderwijs
Birds of paradise | 2015