H&M ‘The Conscious New World’ | 2014





































On April 2nd 2014, H&M launched the new ‘Conscious Exclusive Collection’ at Loods 6.

Five artists, five famous Dutch women, five themes and exclusive sustainable fashion: these are the components of the art project. The project, called “Conscious New World ‘, shows artworks, inspired by one of the sustainable themes: raw materials, recycling, wages, water and education. The artworks are  shown from mid-April in a traveling exhibition true the whole country.

Amsterdam, Marie Heineken Square: from 10-13 April
Rotterdam Theatre Square: from 17-21 April
Groningen, Groninger Museum: from 22-24 April
Arnhem, Velper Square: 1-5 May
Eindhoven, Station Square: 8 -11 May

I made a work inspired by raw materials and my muse Megan Zimny Kaftira. She is a second soloist at the National Ballet. This resulted in an apparently moving figure made from flax, cotton, paper, wood, clay and various kinds of paint.

Making-of Conscious New World

H&M Netherlands ‘Conscious New World’ launch

Mädchenkram – erotische Handarbeit
Workshops 5/7/12/14 October 2011
NRC Handelsblad
Moti museum of image | 2016