Goudbeladen Boekenbal

In March 2013 I was envolved in the decoration of the official Boekenbal 2013 (National Writer’s Salon). For this famous event I was chosen to decorate the Marnix,- and Gijsbrecht bordes.

At the Marnix bordes my work was part of the obvious photo-moment as is part of such a gathering, the moment where guests have their picture taken. It consisted of a 17th century scene culminating with a huge 17th century still life with fresh flowers.

































At Gijsbrecht bordes, I presented the other side of the Golden Age. Literally a large dry still life upside down, referring to the dark incidents during this period of history. It was a great experience to present my work at suchan upscale event and I hope there will be many more events like this.












































Commissioned by Cultuur en ondernemen

My fellow designers where; Izabela Boloz, Kasia Zardba, Barbara 
RecourtKlaas Wijnberg and Royalsteez

Thanks you Jana van Caspel, Niels Prins and Jan Roekens




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