The Still Life as Archive





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I exhibited a series of five still lifes titled The Still Life as Archive’, created specifically during a six week residency at Work In Progress at Roodkapje located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The exhibition focuses on analyzing the traditions of flower arranging of 16th century flower still lifes to the present day. The last still life in the series approaches contemporary issues through the incorporation of key elements from modern society. Collignon sees this as a departure point for discovery and the re examination of existing conformities in floral design.

From the initial day the flower arrangements were made, Antje Peters has photographed the still lifes each weekend for a period of five weeks. She calls the final series Study, referring to the medium as part of the picture, working with analogue techniques and different light setting in the studio for every photograph. The various light settings refer to various moments in time which become unique in the final negative.

The work of both artist comes together in their fascination for history and mortality combined with their love for material and the handmade process. This poster is designed by VosBrenner and was exhibited on the 4th of November 2011 at Roodkapje in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


In these last still lifes the theme of the trancience of life is viewed from contemporary perspective.

Modern obsessions like eternal youth and eternal life, are a denial of this trancience. People who suffer from “the quaterlife crisis” are confronted with problems arising from the denial of the impermanence. Modern existentialism suggests that true the lack of universal force or ‘sense’ of life,  people are essentially free. This freedom is our great problem. We have an infinite amount of choices and possibilities, in everything we strive for perfection, our ideal life is doable.

For this reason I have dedicated these still lifes to the theme ‘quaterlife crisis’. The still lifes represent; consumerism, the multiple-choice society and social comparison.

Goudbeladen Boekenbal
Residence at Vincent van Goghhuis Zundert | 2014
Galerie Iris Cornelis, september 2011
Amsterdamse Bosfestival | 2014