Birds of paradise | 2015

Inspired by the Flower parade Zundert and my project at KANTOR I continued working with paper and plant/flower material. The outcome is a series of Birdlike sculptures. It’s an ongoing project so take a look ones in a while!

The work was also visible in the Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2015 and at CLUB GEM ( july 2016)

DeniseCollignon_Paradijsvogels201501 DeniseCollignon_Paradijsvogels201502

DeniseCollignon_Paradijsvogels201503DeniseCollignon_Paradijsvogels201504 DeniseCollignon_Paradijsvogels201505 DeniseCollignon_Paradijsvogels201506

Nhow installations | 2015
SION orchids first campaign image | 2015
Rotterdampas | 2014