Artist in residence at Buisse Heide

Artist in residence at Atelier Roland Holst at the Buise Heide April 5-12  2013.  My work will be at the art trail at the Buisse Heide from 6th of July until September. Landkunst is a project by BKKC and Vincent van Goghhouse.

Invitation to Land Art at ‘Oude Buisse Heide’ Saturday, July 6, 2013 | 12:00 

DeniseCollignon_Atelier Roland Holst

The Vincent van Gogh House, BKKC, Heritage Brabant and Society for preservation of nature monuments have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of Land Art at ‘Oude Buisse Heide’ 2013.

The ‘Oude Buisse Heide’ is a special nature reserve. In the past it offered inspiration to Vincent van Gogh, Henriëtte Roland Holst & Richard Roland Holst and their many famous guests. BKKC, Heritage Brabant, Society for preservation of nature monuments and Vincent van Gogh House organized in the context of Land Art an unique project in which artists and writers represent and articulate the rich cultural heritage of the estate; the ‘Oude Buisse Heide’.

Thomas Baker, Koen Broucke, Denise Collignon, Femke Dekker, Simon Kentgens, Minke Douwesz, Daphne Huisden and Lucia Luptáková.
Five artists and two writers stayed one week, from April until in June 2013, in the studio of Roland Holst at the ‘Oude Buisse Heide’ . During these artist-in-residence, they have prepared their contribution to the Art trail.  Their work reinterprets the history ofthe location, the landscape and its former inhabitants .

TThe launch on July 6th 2012 was conducted by Geert Lenders (Province of Noord – Brabant, executive SCO/Office Culture ) at 12.00 in the Lords Chamber Buisse Hoeve.

More information about the works and Land Art is available through


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