Hi, my name is Denise Collignon I’m a professional in floral design.

I create installations of floral and plant material and am intrigued by the transience of plants and flowers and the beauty of the different stages of their life cycle.

My investigative method and the use of craft techniques are the foundation for my installations.
I experiment with this cycle of life in different ways, by processing the material including paint and resins I influence time, flowers and plants becomes essentially different.

I want to introduce people with a different approach of natural material, more than the purely decorative function that plants and flowers have in our society.

I love to collaborate and create with others. When you are in need of a creative floral design, input, new solutions or inspiring ideas please contact me.

Denise Collignon

0031 (0)6 41 24 82 38

I am also part of Veld & Vaas take a look at this website!












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